Clay-casein on reclaimed wood, exhibition at Plateau Vienna

Clay-casein on reclaimed wood


Two pieces of furniture presented in the exhibition “Carried Maps” featuring the work of ceramic artist Daniel Stuhlpfarrer, in collaboration with zirka circa.

12. 01.2023 – 03. 02. 2023
Plateau Vienna, Sechsschimmelgasse 10, 1090 Vienna

Max Weidacher, Manon Véret
Together with Daniel Stuhlpfarrer
Photos by Lisa Edi and Jan Schiefermaier

Ceramic bowl by artist Daniel Stuhlpfarrer

About the collaboration Daniel called and asked if we were interested to exhibit with him in January. Actually he already knew what he needed: a low table to work on as well as a shelf to exhibit tea bowls. But how to go about designing a table and a shelf? The same story again. It doesn’t seem to matter how many projects you have gone through, at the beginning there is always this odd ambiguous feeling. You find yourself between nothing behind and everything ahead.
Anything we drew up wasn’t quite right and no reference served the purpose. Maybe we started from the wrong end, we thought. What if everything was already there and we just have to put things together? So we started to collect. Actually it was easy, Max’s grandfather had already collected all his life: particle boards from old cupboards, pieces of an broken storage, long boards from a wall mounted shelf, anything, too precious to throw away.
A shelf and a table started to appear as we browsed through the stacks of old material. Two objects made from reclaimed shapes, carried ideas so to speak: assembling rather than inventing.

Clay-casein on reclaimed wood, shelf and ceramic
Clay-casein shelf vienna
Clay-casein texture
Clay-casein table, shibori

After the exhibition, the fashion studio Amaaena borrowed the shelf for their pop-up shop in Vienna’s 6th district.
The photos below are by Anna Menecia Antenete Hambira, fashion designer and creator of the studio.