Rami Tea tea house and tea shop in Vienna's 8th district

Rami Tea

 — Teahouse and tea shop in Vienna’s 8th district.
In 2018, Rami opened their ceramic studio and asked zirka circa to help them improve the workspace with several pieces of custom-made furniture. Four years later, we were very excited to support them with their new project: Rami Tea, a teahouse, tea and ceramic shop in the vibrant Josefstadt (8th district of Vienna). For this project, we developed the entire teahouse design concept according to Rami’s vision and already established brand identity, and guided them through the renovation process up to the opening.

Max Weidacher, Manon Véret
Together with Rami Tea
Photos by Vivi Dybowski

Rami Tea shopping window
Rami Tea portal and Kakigori chalkboard
Rami Tea interior design
Rami Tea kiosk
Rami Tea kiosk and staff
Enamel teapot from Falcon iconic British enamelware producer
Tea and ceramic accessories day off tumbler cups and cold brew
Rami tea customer
Rami Tea serving tray and green tea leaves
Rami Tea interior design
Rami Tea loose leaf tea and scale
Rami Tea packaging